Despite the release of the Microsoft Band, Microsoft is still missing an answer to Android Wear and the Apple Watch. However, an intriguing new concept design might just fill that gap.

The concept, created by designer Peichi, offers a glimpse into what a Metro-themed Windows 10 smartwatch could look like, and as is typical with such concepts, it looks quite impressive. According to evLeaks, this design may have some official connections, potentially being a design study once considered by Microsoft called the Microsoft Moonraker. However, it’s not believed to be recent, and it remains unclear if Microsoft is still pursuing this concept.

Design and Features

In the concept, the watch face features elements reminiscent of the Windows 10 login screen, while the notifications evoke the live tiles seen on Windows Phone, presented through a vertically scrolling interface. This design aims to integrate familiar Windows aesthetics and functionality into a compact, wearable device.

The media interface on the smartwatch showcases controls similar to those found in Xbox Music, making the overall interface feel « digitally native » and well-suited to the square screen of the device. The user interface appears to be a standout feature, with intuitive and visually appealing elements that leverage Microsoft’s design language.

The Importance of User Interface

With wearable technology becoming increasingly standardized in terms of hardware capabilities, it is the user interface that often sets devices apart. The Apple Watch, for instance, is known for its unique and somewhat unconventional interface. This Metro-themed concept could offer a distinct and familiar experience for Windows users, potentially providing a seamless transition from other Windows devices to a smartwatch.

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Market Potential

While this concept remains speculative, it raises an interesting question: would consumers be interested in a Windows 10 smartwatch? Microsoft has a loyal user base and a strong ecosystem of products that could integrate well with a smartwatch. If executed correctly, such a device could attract Windows enthusiasts and those looking for an alternative to the current market leaders in wearables.

Reader Engagement

Would our readers buy this smartwatch if Microsoft made it? The idea of a Metro-themed Windows 10 smartwatch certainly has its appeal, especially for those who appreciate Microsoft’s design aesthetics and ecosystem integration. Share your thoughts and let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in a Microsoft smartwatch based on this concept!