Microsoft is gearing up to release the first version of its HoloLens augmented reality headset within the next year, targeting developers and enterprise users. This confirmation came from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who discussed the company’s plans in a recent interview with the BBC. The initial release is part of a broader five-year journey, with the focus on developing and evolving the technology for various commercial applications​ (Windows Central)​​ (Gadgets 360)​​ (Engadget)​.

The HoloLens has already garnered attention for its potential in various fields, including augmented reality gaming, 3D modeling, and other enterprise applications. Demonstrations have shown impressive capabilities, such as projecting holograms that users can interact with in a mixed reality environment. This technology leverages the Windows 10 platform, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with other Microsoft products​ (Gadgets 360)​​ (Engadget)​.

While the first version will be primarily available to developers and businesses, there is no specific timeline for a consumer release. Microsoft aims to refine the technology further before it becomes widely accessible. This phased approach allows developers to create and optimize applications, paving the way for a more robust ecosystem when the HoloLens eventually reaches the broader market​ (Gadgets 360)​​ (Engadget)​.

Stay tuned for more updates as Microsoft continues to develop and innovate with the HoloLens, potentially transforming the way we interact with digital content and the real world.

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